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I can't use FIverr in my Huawei Smartphone!

As I said in the topic, I can’t open Fiverr App in my Huawei phone. It causes a big problem for me because when a new client chats to me, I can’t reply to them in time! This makes me lost my clients! I tried to install it through some APK app like APKPure, but when I attempt to open it, it just instantly pop out to my home screen.

I hope Fiverr’s Moderator or Admins could solve out this problem as soon as possible, as the China market is growing too fast, and a lot of Huawei User like me, couldn’t enjoy a lot of benefits from this app. Thanks for helping me out! Have a nice day!


I don’t know about you, but the app world perfectly fine on my Huawei Maimang 7. Maybe it’s just a specific Huawei line??

I’m using Huawei Nova 7 which running in HMS ( HUAWEI Mobile Services ), it doesn’t support Google Play and others Google services. I think it might be the reason I couldn’t run it. But I still hope Fiverr’s Moderators or Admins could fix this problem.

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The forum is for buyers and sellers. If this is a bug, you’ll need to contact CS, who are the only people who can help you.

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You can open fiver in the browser and add the page to your homescreen I guess that will solve your problem

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But I can’t sell :((((((((((((((((((

What’s your niche???

What do you meam ???

What do you sell!!!

I think, you should contact with CS.

Chillas I wanna sell minecraft just be friends !!!

Make friends aka …

Okay! Send me your gig I’ll check it out

That’s why I’m telling you I cant create gig

You should definitely watch a tutorial on YouTube
Creating a gig on fiverr is easy

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