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I can't Use my account!

i think i have problems in my account.

  • i can’t send message to seller.

    -i can’t deliver ?

    OR CANCEL because my orders will be late.

    Please i need help.

    Sheriff’s Note: This question is not a tip for sellers. Thread moved to Fiverr FAQ.

they told me:

Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue.

So go ahead and contact Fiverr support ASAP.

How can i contact them.

Hello hatimbahia,

It is possible that you may have sent more number of SPAM messages to all your clients. I think you should consult fiverr customer support for the same.


Thanks a lot.

Hi, Fiverr!
Same problem but only in one order. Waiting for support answer. But I didn’t spam anyone. What’s the reason can be? Thank you!

Reply to @hatimbahia: you can connect them via this link

Reply to @hatimbahia: You’re Welcome.