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I cant verify my gigs

this was my first gig approval. i gave my phone number to approve my gig. so i didn’t got any code. so i did that again and again for get a code. then the told me you have block for 48 hours for phone approval… then when i clicked on verify now button… the gave me a red message… it told me wait 48 hours… now when i click on verify now button… nothing happen… like i didn’t click… what should i do… i cant create any new account…

Did you wait 48 hours?

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ohh… i calculate that now… it have more 3 houres… but, why nothing happen when i click on verify now button… yester day i got red message that called you have to wait 48 hours before verify again…

You just need to be a little patient. I can understand your enthusiasm but make sure to follow the directions.

Edit: If you are still experiencing problems after 48 hrs. you can contact customer support for assistance.

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thank you annai80 for the help … appreciate your help… i will follow your directions…!!

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Did you resolve issue? @gayashan43

I am also facing same problem, I tried after 2 days, but same result," Wait for 48 hours "

Kindly share if you resolved issue? @gayashan43

:customs:Anyone still having trouble with verification should contact Customer Support:
How to Submit a Support Ticket.

Forum users can only offer general advice but cannot resolve verification issues.

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