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I can't verify my ID on fiverr because I don't have neither a passport neither a driving license!

Hello friends, Today I opened my fiverr account as always to see what’s new. But I have noticed that a new message banner appears on the top of the page saying that I have to verify my ID. So that’s ok, I clicked it and followed all the instructions saying that I should open the link on mobile. But, the problem is that this verification can only be done with either a passport or a driving license which I don’t have any of them. I’m worried about that cause If I don’t verify my ID, my activities will be restricted. What should I do? Help me guys pls. :pray:

You have to verify your ID in order to have your account on Fiverr. If you are unable to verify, your account will be restricted.

Yes that’s what I was saying. But I don’t currently have neither passport neither driving license. And as you know these identity documents take time in order to get them.

Your account will be restricted until you can get one of the approved IDs and be able to verify them. This is from Fiverr Help and Education Center :point_down:t2:

5. What if I don’t have an ID?

You must verify your identity with a valid ID. This includes a driver’s license, passport, or other valid ID included in the list found when you start the ID verification process. The IDs available vary per country.

6. Do I have to verify my identity?

Verification is mandatory if you receive a notification. Customer Support is not able to start this process for you, nor are they able to verify your ID for you, if sent on a ticket request.


Hello colleagues, Today I have received a new request for a custom order from a buyer. So basically I want to know if I should go with him and do it or not cause as you know my account will be restricted on 8 days from now cause of the ID verification and the order should take 10 days minimum. What should I do?