I can't withdraw $36 from fiverr


i can’t withdraw $36 from fiverr . is there any limit to withdraw from fiverr
this message is showing when i click to transfer “You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.”


There are minimum withdrawal amounts, but I think they are all lower than $36, you can check that info here for the different withdrawal methods: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds

Perhaps best to ask Customer Support.


you can withdraw $36 but you should ask to customer support about issue


same happen to me, just now
earning is gone…


the withdrawal initiated should appear if you withdraw…
now it’s not showing…


Well, time for a bug report to CS or for some patience, I guess.


To my knowledge, the minimum withdrawal amount is $50


you should take support from costumer service they can resolve your problem!