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I cant withdraw any money



Could someone help me please?
For 3 days now when I try to withdraw money into my paypal account I get the notice that says “an email has been sent with a link I need to click” but no email arrives.
Im getting a bit worried now, can anyone put my mind at rest? does this happen a lot?



This might sound silly but did you check your spam folder?

You might want to contact customer support at

Good luck!


Yeah checked that, nothing there.
Ive raised a ticket but I havent heard anything for 24 hours


Sounds strange. first check the spam and then try again. If the issue persist, contact Customer Service.


I have this problem as well and I contacted Customer Service. They were very quick with their reply. They are currently working on it for me.


I have had the same problem a few times in the past. Like others have suggested, I think customer support is the best route to take.