I can't withdraw from PayPal


Well I tried to withdraw money to my paypal I did all steps,and later on I saw this http://prntscr.com/efiodq Does somone know that happend ? I did confrim my paypal yesterday this is my first withdraw ?


Maybe it´s not 24 hours yet?

Note: For security reasons, after connecting your PayPal account, you will need to wait 24 hours before you can withdraw funds.



It did,couse withdrawl with paypal was disabled (gray) I tought that I should disable PayPal.me and I did and tried again,still same problem


Contact support. Stay in touch with them and get them to resolve the issue.


In case of your paypal account is not active such thing happens same thing here and i active my Paypal account
For further detail you can take help from help center


It is activated my button was gray,when 24h passed I can withdraw now.


Then please contact with custom support the will fix it


It will be 24 hours ‘security reason time’ from when the point you again activated PayPal after disabling it then, if you did that yesterday at 8pm for example and it´s now 7pm, those 24 hours aren´t over yet.
If those 24 hours (I´d give it a bit longer) are over already, then sure, contact Customer Support.

Ah yeah, great then.


Well I heard that CS on fiverr sucks,but I will try to contact them and paypal.


Maybe better not tell them that eh! Fiverr CS are actually very good.


Thats not my words I never had any experience with them so yea


CS are great. The people who bad mouth them are the people who didn’t get what they wanted.