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I can't withdraw money due to a "network problem"

I can’t seem to withdraw money from fiverr! I got this network problem message, did anyone face this same problem? if so then how did you fix this issue? please I need helpnetwork%20error

Suggest you contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:


thank you for replying, I already sent an email about 8 hours ago. Haven’t gotten a response yet. How long will I have to wait for? a day or perhaps a week?

You should have had a reply to your email address when you opened a ticket. The current processing is displayed somewhere at the top of it I think.

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is this the ticket you are talking about? it says on the top right corner that “current first response time is 12 to 18 hours” does that mean they will reply me within that time ?

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Yep - that’s the one. :slightly_smiling_face:


okay thank you for replying, I’ll wait for them for respond and once they do I will give an update here :slight_smile:

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It also says right in the email that some requests are taking longer than a business day. They gave you tons of info.

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guys they replied me and fixed that code issue but now I am getting another issue, so after I put the account this message shows up, it says “something is wrong, please try later”. What is this something? can anyone please tell me or perhaps faced this issue before?

It says you put in the wrong code.

Have a search on the forum for ‘mobile verification’ - it’s happened many times before. :wink: