I can't withdraw money


hi there!
I can’t understand whats wrong.
Every time I try to withdraw money I get a red error banner saying “something went wrong try again later”.
For the same reason I can’t set my paypal account.


Dear @v_garavelli
Don’t try many times. It should can temporary disabled your account.

Contact fiverr CS.


Change your browser, If you are using multiple fiverr accounts, It could be cookies problem, some time cookies matches. So download an other browser and give a try. I hope it will be solved.


You right @shahzadrehman ,:+1:


Having multiple accounts is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Who can stop? I have seen many sellers/buyers are using by adding different types of Bank cards. This depends on fiverr to stop them or not.


You said multiple Fiverr accounts, and now you mention multiple bank cards?


thanks everyone for the advice.
I tried but didn’t work.
CS opened a ticket beginnig of june, but then nothing happened.
is it normal they don’t even answer to the emails? I’m trying to get in touch a couple of times a week but apart from the first email saying they opened a ticket, I haven’t heard from them.
It was my first order on Fiverr and I just have one account…
well, I guess I’ll have to keep on trying


Yes @v_garavelli You should keep on trying.

Please go to Fiverr Customer Support and sing in with your Fiverr account. Once sign in finished click on the my activities under your name. There will be your ticket and I hope there will be answer too from CS.
If it does not help, try to submit another request.


It’s better to ask for an update on the existing ticket. Submitting another request on the same topic can be treated as spam.


hello everyone! :slight_smile: You know I have the same problem, same error message. CS contacted me and told me they will fix this with tech support team. But is almost 8 days and no fix of the problem. I dont want to insist coz I know they are working in the problem, but I would like to know if someone has the same problem and how long this takes to get solve? im counting on my money for my living :frowning:

@v_garavelli your problem is solved?

thanks so much


@v_garavelli Quick contact customer support.:worried:


Knock support :grinning:


No, they did not solve my problem, I had to create another account and lose money.

it’s horrible. Wait what I could and nothing happened.

I hope you have more luck with that


normally, if any buyers complain about any order to the cs (could be late response, delay etc after it makred completed), and you did not solve the problem with buyers. fiverr disabled the withdraw option until you solved the prob with buyers!
even if you solved the prob with buyers you need to inform CS, so they can enable withdraw option again! happened to me once!