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I can't withdraw my earnings!


I have problems withdrawing my earnings. First I couldn’t get the verification code even if I was doing everything right. After I contacted Fiverr I could do that from the first try, before that I tried dozens of times in different days and it didn’t work. Then, after the verification code was confirmed, I was informed that I will receive an email with further instructions. I’ve waited two days and nothing- no email. I wrote them again and after they send me the same message, I tried once again and it arrived immediately. After I did everything they asked, it was written on my Fiverr page that my Paypal account was updated. I checked my Paypal account- nothing. And my Net income and Available for withdrawal numbers were the same, like I didn’t withdrew anything. I have this feeling Fiverr doesn’t want to give me my money.


You will once again have to contact customer support and ask them.

It sounds like for some reason you are being required to contact them for each step of the way in this process before it works.


Please don’t edit my post.


ok :slightly_smiling_face: