I can't withdraw my fund to paypal account!


hey friend,

i can’t withdraw my fund to paypal account. i open case in fiverr customer support. but now after 2days! fiverr customer support is silent!


having the same problem. just sent a message to customer support


just send message on fiverr facebook and fiverr twitter. then he/she will respond shortly. Than ks


Can you please tell what is the problem you faced during the process of withdraw.?


I am having this same problem! I sent in a help request 2 days ago and have received no response.


Same here unfortunately.


At first I withdraw money successfully…But two days ago I faced this problem…It only showed that"To enable withdrawals in this account, please contact our support here. Thanks"

For this reason I changed my paypal account…But it doesn’t work out…Now what should I do?

Sheriff’s Note: Duplicates make it difficult to reach you. http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/82109/i-cant-withdraw-money-from-fiverr#Item_2"


Reply to @agnesokoh: Goodluck. I’d like to know if someone helps you because I’ve been waiting for over 48 hours for help with this problem.