I can't withdraw my funds! [ANSWERED]


I got the message “Your PayPal account was updated.
For security reasons, you will not be able to withdraw for 24 hours”. This is strange, since this is the first time I added a PayPal account to my Fiverr! So how is my “PayPal account updated”? Is there a fix for this?

Edit: I got this message AFTER having added my PayPal account.


I’ve tried again clicking on the withdraw to PayPal account button, but nothing happens! The page just refreshes.


This is a general rule that applies for all sellers.

The first time you add paypal account to Fiverr, you have to wait 24 hours before withdrawal is allowed to it.


Oh okay thanks, didn’t know that.


i suggest you should wait for 24 hours if the withdrawal is not that necessary as the fiverr do whatever is best for you …maybe somebody may have tried to hack or something and fiverr is taking security measures to recheck all your info and profile.


Thanks for your reply. I think @djgodknows has the answer to my question.