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I can't withdraw my funds!

Hi, i recently joined fiverr and just completed my first order. I waited while the money was in “clearence” and tried to withdraw afterwards. It tells me i have $4 available to withdraw i get an error…

I have tried many times and even contacted CS, but they just ignored me. Anyone that has a solution?

Here is my error:


Hm, not sure why it says “Network Problem” but if you’re trying to withdraw via Payoneer/Fiverr Revenue Card, this might be the issue:

The minimum withdrawal with the Fiverr Revenue Card is $5.

If you’re trying to use PayPal to withdraw, however, I don’t know, the minimum for that supposedly is $1.

Lots of useful “technical” info like that in the Fiverr Seller Help Center, recommendable to read through that if you’re new:

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If you want to withdraw your funds to paypal, in that case you can.
Try to clear your browser cache and try again, if the problem still exists, try an other browser.