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I can't withdraw my money in paypal


I can’t withdraw my money in paypal, i don’t know why
I have picture about this problem
please help me


I think you need to have more than $4 to withdraw money but I’m not sure how much.


please . please help me


You sound pretty desperate for that $3.50 you will end up with.


Your issue is most likely being in Nigeria. I did a very very quick Google and it seems that PP only lets you send funds, not receive them. At least, that was the case a year ago.

You have at least two vital pieces of the puzzle to slot together here to go forth and work out what your next best options are.


I can guess why PP shut down withdrawals in Nigeria.


I’m not from nigeria


You were before. I can’t be bothered to look up Libya, but due to the political situation there, you may also be facing problems. Instead of quibbling over which country you are or are not from, why not look at the link and select one payment that works?

If none work, then Fiverr is a waste of time for you. My apologies if you are not from Nigeria and are from Libya, but your profile stated otherwise.

What’s your position on Qaddafi?