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I can't withdraw my money through payoneer


Hello everyone, i have been working on fiverr for something like six month, and i never get any problem till yesterday, i want to withdraw my money to my payoneer account like everytime i did, but this time i got this message :
You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action is taken. Try again tomorrow.
For sure i didnt withdraw anything for over a month, and now i got this message, i talked to fiverr support they ask me to go to payoneer custom service “still waiting for their custom service to open”…I know there is some topics with the same problem but like i didnt find any fix to this issue im trying to asking communities if is there any solution to this problem.
Have a nice day everyone.


Its a blame game… Fiverr says that you should contact Payoneer and Payoneer says ask Fiverr to fix it. Try cleaning your browser history/cache and everything and then try again and see if that works.


Thank you for your response, i will try it now and give you a feedback


Well ive just try it but still got the same problem…these kind of problems only happened when you really need money haha


I think your issue is solved now. If not clear your browser history and restart your device (PC/Laptop). I think your problem will fixed. I think payoneer can not help you in this case. Fiverr support can help you. So if still you face same issue ask fiverr support. Wetting for your response. Thanks.


Thank you guys for your support, but its solved now, ive just waited some time and its solved alone… sorry for my bad english.


The same thing happened to me with withdrawing my funds to PayPal two times in a week. Although my withdrawals were separated by more than 24 hours, Fiverr was letting me know that I reached the maximum number of withdrawals per day, which obviously was not correct.

However, all I did was wait about 12 hours, and try again. Then, it worked perfectly. :blush: