I can't withdraw my money


Why is my paypal account grayed out in my fiverr ? I successfully withdraw in the first time and now I can’t withdraw my money anymore? Can you help me sort it out? Thanks :slight_smile:

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This same answer has been given not less than 100 times on this forum: please, use search feature before posting new threads :slight_smile:

You must create a ticket on Customer Support, wait for them to answer (it can take several days) and be ready to provide personal ID.


I have the same problem, the paypal withdraw button is grey, not available to click.


Same problem here…


have you fix it already? I contacted the customer support and haven’t got an answer yet. hopes it’ll be fixed soon


I also sent a ticket, In waiting to see what happens.


It’s the same i’ve send them a message and now they say they will fix this problem,but I’ts been 2 weeks already nothing…