I can't withdraw my revenues?


I usually withdraw my revenues every Monday. I clicked on the Paypal button twice now for my confirmation e-mail and didn’t get it… I checked my paypal listed with my Fiverr account and it’s the correct paypal e-mail. Anyone else having this issue?


I’m not getting my Withdrawal confirmation emails. And I actually need the money this week. sigh


Yes I have it too, must be a bug.


I think I’ll wait it out… I’ll bet cs is super swamped again anyway


Just tried after show this topic, Same here :slight_smile:


Umm well, i had planned a withdrawal today. :-S Looks like will have to wait till this is sorted =((


I just tried right now and it was successful. After I saw this thread I was very scary to do that, but everything went fine.

With Customer Support being so busy, it would be very frustrating to wait until they reply. I have a pending ticket from last Thursday and still no reply.

Luckily everything went fine for me. :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck.


I was just got the Withdrawal Confirmation letter and was able to transfer my money. Try again Mrs.Panda.


I was having this problem and it is now working today for me.