I can't withdraw to paypal! Help!


I have tried to withdraw my earnings but Paypal is blurred out and I don’t know why! I haven’t withdrawn anything in over 48 hours so I’m really confused as to why this is happening. Please help!

Why is my paypal button grayed out

Do you mean the button is grey instead of blue? Have you notified customer support?
Are you at least at the minimum for a withdrawal? I think it’s $20.


Yes its gray. Also I am looking to withdraw $56. I have contacted customer support but nothing yet


I have not been able to withdraw anything for 6 days so please let us know what happens and what they say, thank you.


It seems to be a recurring problem.


I did a search of the old forum posts and this is a recurring problem periodically over the years.

I found this encouraging message from a year ago:

Feb '17
Hi guys just wanted to update you on the progress of the PayPal button not working.
I contacted customer service and they had me up and running the next day, they said that it needed resetting only so all good from my side thanks for all your comments great community we have, keep up the good work
Thanks Florence

This person was lucky enough to get it resolved promptly.


A work around I have experienced is to go to my email and find an old withdrawal message, clicking that link makes the transaction work like the paypal button email would.


Thanks, I tried that many times. The money never gets to my account, even though I get the message my withdrawal was successful.


Okay so they got back to me. They refreshed my account and within half an hour I could withdraw my funds.


You’re lucky. My button is not greyed out, and it looks like everything works, only nothing reaches my Paypal.