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I can't withdrawn my money, why?


My account is connected with my paypal account. When I try to withdraw my money from fiverr, it send me confirmation mail and after that mail that said that the withdrawal is completed, but I didn’t get anything on my paypal account, and in section ravenues on my fiverr profile it says that the withdrawal is failed. What’s going on with this, can anyone help me ?


Hi aldara

I am sorry for your trouble, did you add any credit cards (or bank account (if you are from USA)) to paypal account.

also you need to confirm your credit card until that your paypal account cant receive any founds and you are not able to withdraw them.


Yes, first you will receive confirmation E-mail regarding withdrawing money. You need click that link and needs to verify. Then your money will received to Paypal account. If you need more info, please contact Fiverr Support team.


webchief, yes I did, i’ve done all that, but it still can’t be withdrawn, I don’t know what the problem is. I’m not from USA, I’m from Bosnia, but it doesn’t matter I think, because, my friend did everything normally as it should be and his withdrawal was succeed.

rocks_design I did that, of course after confirmation mail was sent to my mail, after clicking on the link I got in that mail, it said that i need to wait because it’s proccesing, then i got another mail with message that the money is transfered, but actually i didn’t get any of that on my paypall account, more in ravenues section on my profile it says that the withdrawal is failed. I don’t know what to do, does anyone have any problem like this or something, could someone help me ? Thank you all.


Hi. I am from bosnia too. Da ne duzim, tako je i meni bilo kad sam tek napravio paypal account, kad nisam dobio onaj kod iz banke. Kasnije mi je radilo.



PayPal service availability varies by country. Please see below to determine which services are available in your country of residence and some of countries can not receive payments

check with below link