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I changed like 5 words in my description and my gig got denied

Ok I made a sale on my pop quiz html framework and I went in to change my description and I only changed like 5 words and then it went for approval and got denied. There was no reason given as to why it was denied.

Sorry to hear that,It happened to me too. I changed the delivery time and my gig don’t appear anymore in search.

Unfortunately Fiverr don’t give reason why!

You can get your reason why if you contact support and ask to get passed on to the correct department. Likely you were breaking TOS in your description, even if this is not the case you may be breaking TOS of software, alternative sites etc that Fiverr Customer Support have been made aware of, If you persist with customer support you will get your reason why and perhaps you can rebuild your service with your new guidelines in mind (*)