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I changed my gig keywords and it disappeared from first to ten page and how can i rank my gig again?

I changed my gig keywords a few days ago, it was a mistake from me and it disappeared from first page and I am getting no response from new clients and I am getting my gig impressions in a poor number, Please help me how can I solve it, How can I rank my gig again :frowning:

It is very sad to hear about gig position, I want to let you know that Fiverr’s search results regularly being updated, it is not someone here to rank your gig back, but as Fiverr give chance to everyone. So keep working hard & hopefully you will rank back on higher position soon.

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thanks and yeah I will work hard to get my rank back

Best of luck! @abdullahturky

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Brother, It is so sad. I think, plz talking with expert on fit. Thank you.:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: