I changed my gig title and now My view count is no more increasing


Ever since I changed my Gig Title, I noticed my view, impression, clicks and orders have stopped. Please friends in the house, what could have been the problem?


Your gig title obviously as stated by you.


what can I do to get back on track?


Revert to your original title?


I can’t remember the way it was written


Hmm… Then it might be trial and run for you.
Think about how you would search for a gig AS a buyer.


Hmm, I just saw the gig title in one of my former posts on this forum.



Could you explain how is this an issue? :blush: I change my titles all the time, and always it brings me more views, clicks and (by using seo title) moves my gig up in searchings.


You can also check the link of your gig. It usually remains the same with your original gig title. (Or at least, that’s how it is for me) :slight_smile:


Well your gig title is the first thing a potential buyer sees. So the closer it relates to his/her search, the closer you get to a conversion.

So the key is to figure out the most optimum keyword usage in the your title that helps you close the deal.


That’s what I thought too, but I was wondering why did her views stop after changing the title, especially if the new title would be better from that point of view. :slight_smile:


MAYBE, the new title wasn’t as close to what it was before, that’s all.

And no one can say definitively that the “Changed Title” itself was the reason. That would mean you know about the Fiverr algorithm, which obviously none of us do.

There could be various other factors as well, more competition in the category pool, or lower demand, etc. etc.


Change it back to old one and see what happen :smiley: