I combined my most popular gigs


Up until today, I had two separate editing gigs: Proofreading and In-Depth Editing. I put them together this morning (and added a third tier) using the Packages option.

What do you think? LINK


In case you’re wondering why, this came after finding that multiple gigs in a single category do not rank at the same time. So sometimes my Proofreading gig would be ranking and selling great, but then it would disappear and my other gig would go up for a while. I didn’t like how they were being cycled and I wanted all of my options to appear at once.

Also, although I used to describe both my services in each gig description, buyers would often have trouble locating my other gigs through my profile link. So, putting them together under one gig made the most sense :slight_smile:

And off-topic: Does anyone have any idea how long it will take the forum to re-sync and update my profile picture?


Delete the cache memory from the “History” tab and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:


Dear Sydney:

Try logging out of the forum and logging back in to re-sync your profile image.

(Click on your icon on the top right of the forum screen. The log out button should appear on the bottom right of the dropdown menu.)

Good luck,