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I come back to fiverr platform. how to start?

1 year ago, I started to make orders on the Fiverr platform. Then there was something happen, I had to stop. Now I come back. But how can I start?
Any advice?

Thanks a lot.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design your brochure, flyer, leaflet, poster, etc
In the gig description:
It has a URL that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.

In both of your gigs there’s a spelling mistake in the main gig image.

To help get orders I’d send offers to buyer requests you can do well.


Thank you for this…I want to edit my gig… Have any problems??
Please tell me>>>

No there’s no problem. It may change your position in the search engine. Fiverr may re-check the gig images if they’re changed but I’m assuming there’d be no problem since the only existing images should be the ones you uploaded to your gig previously and you’d just be changing the wording slightly.


Welcome back to fiverr, you can research about your gig, it’s performing well or not

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