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I Complete 2 Orders But I Cant Earn Reviews

I Complete 2 Orders But I Cant Earn Reviews.Please Help Me


may be your client Just mark order complete or may be order was auto mark complete.

client have 14 or 30 days i think in which your buyer gave you review.


The buyer has 10 days to leave a review. :wink:

There is nothing anyone here can do to help you. Reviews are given solely at the discretion of the buyer. Some do not leave reviews because they like their privacy, and now that seller’s reviews show on the buyer’s profile, the only way to have that privacy is not to leave reviews.

Also, some buyers are kind and would rather leave no review than a poor or bad review. All you can do is keep providing the best work possible, and one day you will get a 5 :star: review.

Never ask for a review. You could get an account warning for that!


thanks a lot!!! For helping me


Sir I am Not Getting Order I Spend 5 Months But Only 2 Orders Get Please Help Me!!!
Give Me Tips How I get Orders


(1) It’s best not to address people by “Sir” or “Ma’am.” Many buyers don’t like that. Also, @vickiespencer is a woman.

(2) You can search the forum for tips on how to get orders. There’s tons out there.


As @graphtersawyer said, you can search the forum for tips on how to get orders. Many threads have been made about that very subject. All you need to do is :eyes: look for them.

You do not require us to search for you. Or do we need to regurgitate :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: the information back to you?

@ma_creations Are you not capable of searching for yourself? In life, it is always good to be proactive on our own behalf and not continually ask others to do for us what we can do for ourselves.


Your Right Thanks!!!

Please Stay with buyer and wait for reviews.

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