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I Complete my 50 orders but still in level 1 ? why? please help me


Hey guys I just complete my 50 order… but still I’m on level 1… I suppose to be a level 2 right now… I have a 36 outstanding positive rating No any bad review to my work… :smiley: I spend 7 months to become a level 2… I know it’s long time but I’m happy with my result… please guys help me…


If you wanna reach level 2, You must complete 50 orders in 2 Months…


I didn’t complete 50 orders in 2 months. It was 3 or 4 months I guess, but I still got the level 2. I believe it is more complicated then “50 orders within 60 days”. If you have a high rating then probably you will get the level pretty soon, just wait few days and make 52-55 orders :slight_smile:


you need to also complete yours 50 orders with in 2 month and all have positive 5 star ratings.

if you was already meet this requirement then you need to wait few days, automatically you get level2 badge… for further clarification about this issue please contact customer support. he/she assist you better.


seems getting to Top Rated Seller is now a Dream!


Hey guys thanks for the comments I think I found the problem… I think it’s mistake on I’ll explain with the Images… I think this will helpful for both of us…
When you complete the 50 orders then you can see like this (see my 1 image)


but If you have cancel order they will not deduct on that in here(I have a 7 orders in cancel but I don’t have cancellation in my account. all the 7 orders are cancel from the buyer)
see my 2nd image.


Now you can see clearly


Now you can see clearly


Good catch!


I think they calculate only the completed one not the total orders when we get… according to this I need a 8 orders… IF I’m not get my level then I’ll put a comment in here…
Thanks guys.


It is clearly mentioned that “COMPLETED (not created) 50 individual orders in two consecutive months”.

Don’t get confused between Order Completed and Order Created :slight_smile:


Yes but they said like this,
They never mention that whether Order Completed or Order Created…
That’s why I confused…


hey guys I became a level 2 seller yesterday :smiley: I’m soo happy


Reply to @kjblynx: I know that’s been on the Levels pages for ages, but I didn’t think they enforced the “within 60 days.” So, the consecutive thing is now enforced? Did they make mention of it anywhere else?


Reply to @webexpert1313: I’m totally editing my original response after reading the Levels page again. It has indeed changed and I’m not sure when. It still doesn’t require 5 stars, however. Here is what it says for level 2, and you can see all the level info by clicking the hyperlink to the Levels page.

For 2:

Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
Have a low cancellation rate


Reply to @fonthaunt:
If you go to the page it lists all the level requirements. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get to level2, but my view is, as long as I get to level 1 I don’t care that much, as I can make that work for me.



Reply to @fonthaunt: You and me both, I didn’t read this post before adding mine. It’s been like this since I added my first gig which was in March/ April time.


Reply to @keminlora: How long do you have left to get and complete 8 orders?


Reply to @philtabest: What you meaning by how long?? there is no time…