I completed a client task before 20 days ago


I completed a client task before 20 days ago… I also send him the file and website link… he did not respond me. After 20 days later he back and didn’t any task with me just cancelled though I withdraw my money after 14 days. I knew that fiverr policy after 14 days later seller can withdraw money and after 14 days buyer can’t claim money. Not My fiverr account showing -$480 and a Cancellation order

What the solution of this matter ?


That sounds like a PayPal chargeback.

Check the buyer’s profile out. If his profile is gone, he has initiated a PayPal chargeback, and Fiverr deleted his account.

You can try asking Customer Support for help. Send them the proof that you have done all the work, explain them what happened, and ask them if they can help you. They usually just tell sellers that it was chargeback, that it’s out of their hands, and that, when you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money, either. However, sometimes they do help you get at least part of the money.


Thanks for your comment … Yes his account no longer here … I hope fiverr help me.


I am sorry this happened to you. That is a lot of money to lose. :money_with_wings: