I completed four order on this month of the new account


I completed four order on this month of the new account. I want improve the order. What is the system to increase order queue? please answer me.


Congrats bro but bro I’m not getting any orders and i am a logo designer


Dear please try to hard working in this market place.


Same here, I feel it’s impossible to get started. 4 really isn’t bad in comparison


4 is FANTASTIC! Congratulations!!

I like your work.

Suggestion: use proper English especially on your Gig profile. So for example, you will make 2 logos. It’s plural so add +s on “logo” in your gig title.

I know you haven’t made much money yet, but consider finding a great copywriter on Fiverr or a friend whose English is very good, and having someone rewrite your gig descriptions so that the English is impeccable if possible. That’s an investment in your gig that will help you seem more professional right out of the gate.

You can also use the Quick Response feature to help with communications with customers: come up with the common questions you will need to ask, and have the same copywriter help rewrite them into perfect English. It won’t help when you have something original to say or ask, but it will help you communicate and learn, and increase how professional you are. The less confusion when you communicate with customers, the better.

Make a video of your portfolio for your gigs. Your profile says you are an established logo designer — you can create a slideshow of your portfolio, include “Exclusively on Fiverr!” (that’s a requirement) and maybe a very quick introduction of yourself. You have 90 seconds.

I hope this helps, but you’re off to a GREAT start!!!



congrats .all the best for future.




Thank you all fiverr’s


please do hard work and share your gig for doing better then you can


Congrats Bro but i still did not get a single order. What to do now