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I completed my first job

I completed my first job but feedback rating is very low its 3.5


They marked you high on communication but zero on the actual quality. That’s pretty scary for a first order. Your first buyer apparently liked you, but felt that your skills were lacking. You won’t be able to level up or use Buyer Requests now because of the low score. You might have to consider seriously improving your skills, especially since background removal is one of the more common services.

You would need either a lot of sales with high scores to get back on your feet, or you would have to ask Fiverr for permission to close your account and start over. You need to be way above 3.5 to compete. Good luck.

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Even though I fully agree with @fonthaunt, here is my take on this.

Looking at what the buyer has written, this could also be just a small error in the rating as there is no mention of any displeasure in the comment. I see that you got 0 stars in the “Service as described” category. This could mean that the seller may have marked you higher in that category but the system did not register it. I’m saying this because it has happened to me in the past and I learned that the minimum you can get is 1/5 stars.

My suggestion, if you truly believe that the delivery was of good quality and did not deserve such a low rating (also if they didn’t show any dis-satisfaction during delivery) ask the buyer politely as to what was lacking which made them mark you so low. If they say that they had marked you higher, then you can get the rating changed via the resolution center on the order page.

Again, I may be wrong as I am speaking out of my own experience.

Best of luck!


I think @sandm4n has a very reasonable point. Just be careful if you do ask the buyer about it. It can be a lifesaver to ask, unless you get in trouble. I would not mention the word “review” when you ask. it seems to trigger a negative reaction from Fiverr when you use the word in any way.