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I completed my first order


I got my first order in fiveer.
And my buyer game me 5 star review.
I’m so happy.
This was my gig. Let me know if there anything wrong in it please.
I’m new in this market place.


Many congratulations :blush: I hope you will get more Orders soon!
So, go ahead to your goal.


Congrats for your first order


Congratulations. You’ve obviously done something right as you’ve had a happy customer!

Honestly, the only thing I would advise you about on your gig are the 2 bullet points;

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited revisions are risky. What happens if your next customer asks for 10 revisions? Or 20? Or 50? Or 100? You would have to honour every last one of them. A less-honest buyer would be able to easily take advantage of you.

And money-back guarantee is false - you don’t offer this. Money back guarantee tells me that if I don’t like your work, I can get my money back, which isn’t true, and is actually against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Don’t tell customers they can get their money back, because I guarantee someone will try and get their money back from you!


Congrats bro & best of luck


Your gig has been reviewed by the Fiverr, if you think there’s something wrong in it, then it would have been spotted by the Fiverr Team. It’s only after a review, a gig is given a green signal.

Stop worrying!!

Good luck! :innocent:


wow thank you very much for that suggestion. Totally helpful


congratulations to you