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I Completed My Order Give that To Client , It Is more than 24 Hrs I haven't Got Any Reply And I am Also Not Been Paid!

Hye Guys!
I completed A Order On Fiverr, I Give Him The Link Of The Website. After That He Is Been Online But Not Responding Back It Is more than 24 Hrs+ Can Anyone Help Em Tell What May I do Next May I contact the Fiverr Help Support or May I wait And Msg The client.


is the order was made?

Ahh He Messaged Me I thought It was the order

First off, was an actual order placed through Fiverr and appeared on your front page and orders page? If not, then you were just scammed into giving away free work.

If an order was actually placed, buyers do not have to respond to the delivery and it will automatically close after 72 hours time.

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Okay, then you were just scammed.

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What ! Pls Dude But I wasted My Whole Day On giving Him the Project! Is there Anyway …

Scammed by a V.I.D. buyer. There seems to be a lot of recent instances of sellers having bad experiences with V.I.D. buyers.

If you are going to operate on the platform, then you must learn the the rules and at least the basics of how the platform works.

No order, no work.

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If you are completing work through the message box and not the designated order system you are asking for trouble. The whole point of fiverr is that it is a marketplace and middle man to facilitate orders whilst also providing security for both parties. Please read through the TOS here.

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Ahh … Why Only with me ! I have read Rules and Compeletly Watched Tutorials But It was told A V.I.D Buyer that’s why I focused more On it . Anyway Could I been Helped by fiverr support …

But He was V.I.D Buyer

That doesn’t mean that you can go against the rules of the site. If he is a VID then he will be well aware of the process and you should not worry about reminding him. Best result here is that you explain that you have done the work and he gets back to you and places an order for the work. Worst result is you have to take the loss and learn from this situation.

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Err, this actually happens all the time with “buyers” taking advantage of new, desperate, or unaware sellers into giving away free work. You are definitely not alone in being conned on the platform.

It is irrelevant if a buyer is a V.I.D., Business, or regular buyer; you approach them all the same.

I don’t think Fiverr support can assist you as an official order was never placed.

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So I will Not be PAID And I am Scammed Right

Unfortunately that seems to be the case…like aforementioned in the thread, DON’T do the work without an order. That’s the only way to make your work official product to Fiverr, otherwise they will leave all mistakes on you to fix/come back from.

I also noticed in your PM you mentioned a review…BIG no-no! This could instantly get you a warning on your account, or worse. If you truly have read through the ToS, try expanding research into more of Fiverr’s rules and regulations both on the website and in the forum. Sometimes there are blurred lines and discrepancies with these policies; however, I do not believe this is one of those times.

Don’t let this blow discourage you, if you truly want to start your business in freelancing you need to keep moving forward when you make a mistake, or things don’t go as planned…especially on this platform.

Best of luck to you, Taz