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I completed my Order


Hi all
I completed my first order 3 days ago but the buyer is not completing the order and it is mentioned “THIS ORDER WILL BE MARKED AS COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS.” But i completed it 3 days ago.

What should i do? :frowning:


Don’t worry yourself over it, it will be marked as completed. It depends on the time of day when you completed it as well, so I’d say just wait a little bit more :slight_smile:


I recently went through the same thing and it was about 12 hrs after it was “due” that it auto-completed; unfortunately, that also means an additional 3 days until the earnings are available, but such is life!


Thanks @dianagrigore and @tee_hi for your humble replies. I was worried alot.


hang in there, you will get a notification as “user’s order was automatically marked as complete”!


Hi hassan
The order is self completed in 3 to 4 days, but make sure as soon as the buyer comes online, tell him to rate you. That is important thing in the initial stages.


It should auto-complete 3 days after delivery but for some unknown reason it seems to happen some time between 3 days and 4 days after you deliver. Either way, you just have to be a little patient :wink: