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I completed one job successfully but feedback not show


I am a seller. I completed one job successfully last month but feedback not shown in my profile.

What is the problems? Can any one describe me.

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Humayun Kabir
RC Graphics Design


Hi this is because most of the times some buyers will not write any feedback but simply leave the star rating it maybe because they were too busy or they simply forgot to write a review of your work. If they have rated the order already then it is not possible for them to add any new feedback but if they didn’t still then you can request they add a feedback

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Thank for your suggestion.

But I can not seen anything : sell and star/rate etc

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You could go to the analytics page where it usually shows all the orders you have done and ratings. If this was your first ever order then it would take sometime to update. I mean if you haven’t done any orders after the previous one last month.

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Yes, this is my first job.
ok, thanks

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You can check your earnings, to see if the budget been paid to you is there and pending

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