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I completed order but clients send me cancel request

after completing buyer requirements, the Buyer told me that it is a very easy task & he can do this own. So now he wants to cancel this order.
i am speechless …

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I think sellers need some protection like these situations. :frowning:

That’s not a valid reason to cancel. Did you accept the cancellation?

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First of all, reserve the rights to pick your clients.

I, for example, don’t work unless i’m sure that the client is a decent person.

Accepting orders from everyone just for the sake of getting 5$, i’d rather stay way :smiley:


I just had the same issue with the buyer claiming the rewritten was poor quality and wanted to cancel. I declined it and informed her, she was permitted to a free revision as offered in the gig and that they were not entitled to a refund due to low quality (which is not).

I also reached out to Fiverr CS about the issue and told them that I do not agree to a cancellation or refund. I honestly think the buyer is trying to get a refund on the article… paid the minimum (despite a larger than 700 word count) with a two-day turnaround. I don’t buy it that my article was low quality.

I am waiting to see what the buyer does from here.

Their original article was full of jargon and repetitive information. I tightened the article up and made it easier to read. Theirs was interesting but didn’t hold my attention for long. Too much information repeated and left something to be desired.

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@quiterude0 agreed. because unfortunately there is a so many peoples try to cheat sellers. :frowning:

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