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I Conducted An Experiment

Over the past week, I hired three different freelancers for a little digital marketing project I was working on. I tried to make it as random as possible using just one piece of criteria: the details of what they could do for me as explained in their profile and the Gig description.

I did not hire on the basis of Gig location in search results (I NEVER use Page One results opting to go deeper), geographic location, the number of 5-Star ratings, Gig graphics, or anything other than what they could do for me.

As it turns out, I hired someone in North America, someone in Asia, and someone in Europe. One had 300+ 5-Star ratings, one had 30+ 5-Star ratings and one had just one 5-Star rating.

Communication was light with each. Two of the freelancers responded quickly to my order with automated “I’ll get to your order as soon as I can” messages. The third I never heard from nor did they respond when I asked for a project update (that impacted the rating I gave after delivery).

All three delivered on time with two producing results just hours after ordering.

The best results came from the person in Asia with 300+ 5-Star ratings. A close second was the person with 30+ ratings in North America.

What was the purpose of me doing this?

I was hoping to debunk the perception many Buyers seem to display in the Forum related to where a Seller is located geographically. I also wanted to show Sellers that there are ways to get work on Fiverr and in many cases (for me, anyway) it has to do with the way your profile and Gig description is written and NOT what page your Gig appears on in a search.

Remember, all I used to hire these three freelancers was what they could provide me based on their Gig descriptions.

Oh, I should point out that all three of the orders I placed were $5 Gigs.

I usually stay away from those but was overall pleased with the quality I received at such a low price.

I hope this small experiment helps both Sellers and Buyers here in some way.


The experiment also reaffirmed that, normally, a seller’s track record does hint at what one might expect in the final delivery. Don’t consider that an absolutely infallible trend, however. There are exceptions to virtually everything.



Plus, I used a very small sample in just one service category.

However, I hope there is some value in my little experiment that will clear up some thoughts on Gig positioning, among other things.


A little off topic but (Let me tell you that the “quality” of the views will only be seen in time, because Youtube will delete the views made with robots and will keep the views made with real paid ads …)


Good experiments! That’s why a proper GIG description is important!

Exactly right.

That’s why I chose Sellers who included paid ads as part of their marketing program.

Like I said, I used what they could do for me as the only criteria.

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Thank you for doing this experiment and sharing it with the rest of the community.
This might clear the doubts of some people who are hesitant to work with people from certain geographical locations.

Interesting data. Thanks for the results! I don’t believe a seller’s location affects the service quality at all. Or at least I haven’t noticed anything. Only exception is that if their English skill was too low, there may have been communication errors.

Everyone is a different individual after all.


However, there are Buyers who post on the Forum very negative comments about specific geographic locations.

I wanted to sort of give that a kick in the pants.

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