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I constantly getting error of Description contains illegal characters

I am creating my new Gig but constantly getting error of Description contains illegal characters, as I removed all the special characters.
Can someone help me in the regard?


Did you copy paste text that has bullets in it (bullet points)? Delete them.


I did it before, but i changed according to the format

No, you did not.

You have to delete all of that and if you want bullets you have to activate the Fiverr system bullets.

Yes youtube
No Corona or covid

so how can i write youtube in my description?

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You mean link? No, you can mention youtube, as you did.

But you have illegal bullets there.

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I used bullets and numbering from the text editor of Fiverr

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Before or after you deleted all text and pasted it in as plain text without formatting?


is it solved ?..

Thank you so much, it works


i am still stuck. Please help me!!!

Type the text for your GIG in word, copy and paste it using “plain text”, delete all bulletins.

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Thanks a lot dear marinapomorac!
Its working! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I finally was able to save my gig description, but what the heck! I had to take out all of my bullets, all of my tabs and indentations, and even many of the punctuation marks–everything! My gig is saved, but it looks HORRIBLE. It’s a proofreading gig, too. I can’t put that out there! I can’t indent paragraphs, and I can’t use the proper punctuation, either. Does anyone know how to get around this?

I am getting the same error here
please help me somebody