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I contacted support and have definitive information about leveling up criteria!


Hello, so I have recently been wondering what the criteria is for leveling up to level 2. I am a level 1 seller and I am 90% of the way to being leveled up to level 2. So here it is. First I took to the forums to inquire about the leveling up criteria. I was told you cant have gigs with similar wording, you cant use stock images. Some said you have to use the same images and others have said you have to have different images. I was getting some mixed information, so I decided to ask support. I asked them if you are not aloud to use stock images (royalty free images), I asked them if the pictures had to be the same, and I asked if the gigs couldn’t be the similar. This was the response that I got back from fiverr support.

Justin Today at 11:51

If you’d like, I can briefly review that forum thread to clarify further, however I do not believe the information you were provided on that thread was correct.

Pretty much, you would just need to follow the guidelines set on our Levels page to be ranked up, so things like your Gig choice or pictures chosen would not have any major affect (unless they were removed for violations).

So basically, the only criteria that is needed to level up is what is on the criteria page alone. As Justin kindly stated, you would just need to follow guidelines on the criteria page, unless your gig was removed for violations. Which you would obviously realize, if your gig was removed for violations.

I hope this discussion has shed some light to other sellers wondering about this and getting mixed information, because I know it has for me.

However I do thank every fiverr member that has taken the time out to read my discussions and try to give me some answers. I truly appreciate it.

  • Krissy- :wink:


Thanks, Krissy. I was hoping they would be very specific in their answer about the word “consecutive” on the levels page. I know what it says on the page, but that word continues to be the point that comes up repeatedly. I’ll do some more digging.


Reply to @fonthaunt: This is what I was told about the 50 consecutive gigs in 2 months by support.
You have to have 50 orders in two months, but it doesn’t have to be the first 2 months. Yes I’m pretty sure it has to be consecutive, but your right it is unclear. So sorry I couldn’t help you more there. If you find out, it would be great if you share that info.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Actually correction. I’m sorry, after reviewing what support told me he did say it has to be consecutive.Doesn’t have to be the first two months, but he said that it has to be consecutive.
Hope I could help.


Reply to @krissyandej: Thanks, Krissy. I spoke another moderator and he was on Fiverr before levels existed so he just goes by the levels page too. I suppose for now the best thing to do, then, is to assume the answer you got is now enforced. As I had mentioned in your other thread, even when I hit level 2 it said consecutive, but that part wasn’t utilized. I am pretty sure I hit 50 sales a few days after my 2 month mark. I got level 2 before the last one was even marked complete, so for me it was just a matter of selling 50 gigs anytime past 60 days.

I’m going to assume that has changed until I hear otherwise. I’ll re-open your other thread just to put a link back to this one for anyone interested. Thanks again!



Reply to @krissyandej:
The wording on the level page has stated that forever but at least in the past you needed 50 total sales and an account older than 2 months.
Perhaps they have finally changed the system to match the wording.

Personally i have never had anything close to 50 consecutive sales in a 2 month period.


Reply to @mgjohn78: My best guess is that if this is correct about them now enforcing the 2 month criteria, it will now be a little more difficult to attain level 2. I think this may not be a bad change at all with the number of new users joining at a high rate. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mgjohn78: Well, this is what support told me, he specifically said consecutive.
Even if this post helped someone a little I’m happy. Lol.
I know I was getting a lot of mixed info and was seriously confused.
Thanks for adding to it.:wink:


It was the same as @mgjohn78 for me. I became level 2 about a month ago, and my 50 sales were made in a longer period, not in two consecutive months.
The moment when I got my badge I had a total of 49 orders completed, and one or two more delivered but still not marked as complete.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I honestly think that it’s a simple statement with no system effect. Meaning that you need 50 orders for you to become level 2 after which the system will make you level 2.

I don’t remember entirely when I became level 2 other than the popup box which appeared. However I remember that I asked fiverr some questions about it, but this was before the new levels page.


Reply to @thecreativeguys: Could be, but the fact is that if CS said to her it has to be consecutive, that is a very simple but still distinctive statement. I understand exactly what you are saying and it’s how I have viewed it, but after the Levels page revision, several posts have come around on this topic. No matter how you look at it, if the word consecutive is correct and enforced by the automated system, that is not the same thing as 50 orders anytime after 2 months. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to quote the Levels page precisely.


Reply to @fonthaunt:
Yes when things work as stated it’s always better. A bit over a year ago when i got to level 2 i did report this as a bug. Also asked about it on the forum


Reply to @kjblynx: okay but I’m referring to all of the info. I asked support themselves and this is what I was told. I also have another discussion up that has nothing to do with my videos.It’s a discussion inquiring about level up criteria that I was unclear about. Plus I was looking on other discussions to see what other people were saying. So after getting a bunch of mixed information, this is what fiverr support themselves has told me today. I imagine that if any of the questions I asked were in violation he would have told me, well technically that’s a violation so yes that may affect a few things. But this is not what I was told.
I do appreciate all of the help and advice, it’s awesome for sellers on this site to be so supportive to each other.
I just thought that if I shared the information that came directly from support, it might help other sellers wondering about the same things.