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I coudn't find buyer requests


I’m really sorry I’m new to fiverr and I can’t find exactly where are the buyer requests.

Can anyone explain this/send me a link?


Well, its pretty simple, you need to be in the Sellers area, and under “MORE” in the menu bar, you will find Buyers Request. :slight_smile:


I can’t find this anywhere.


ok, stay with me,
let me know if you window, with your image on the top right side corner, what does it say?


“switch to buying” OR “switch to selling” ??


I don’t have both of these.

I created this profile back in 2016 and back then it was looking in a different way.

My gigs were paused for some time and now I decided to create a new one.


Lets check menu bar and switch to selling then , click the menu called more then you will get few menu there have buyer request…lets try,thanks


Have you logged into your account?
Can you see your image on the top right corner?


Yes, I see my image but there’s no such option like switch to selling or buying


Your window is not fully open, and under a certain width the Switch to Selling link is not visible. Maximize the window.


can you reinstall the browser and re login.
probably thats gonna help.


Yes , I changed the zoom of the desktop on my computer and the menu appeared.


Hi there buyer request is depend upon the levels

If you new seller and no level Then The request does not show anymore.


Hi there #music_77, any luck?


Here is buyer request link username)/requests

Just replace your username on this fields (your username)


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