I could not complete the order


My first order, but I ran into an issue :frowning: I had updated my photoshop and had someone to want a photo edited with text, so I started and the program crashed. I could not get a hold of another program to do the editing that was wanted. I tried with some basic photo editing, but I could not finish it. I sent him an email explaining, I feel terrible about not being able to complete his work. Does fiverr automatically refund his money? I didn’t want to ‘complete the order’ as I was not able to, other than sending his email to him. My first order too and I could not complete it, I feel like giving up :((. I went to Support, but it took back to my sales page and couldn’t find a place where I could email Support regarding this issue as it worries me


I found it dilshands, thank you both for your help in this matter


Why didn’t you download GIMP and use that?


Well, Do Mutual cancellation. Good luck for next time.


Thank you for your response, but how do I go about doing a mutual cancellation? I am still pretty new and learning how things work on here? I went to Support and it took me to my sales page, but I did not find anything on it regarding how to cancel? Where do I go for the mutual cancellation?



Go to the order page. On top of it there’s a tab named ‘resolution center’. You can opt for a mutual cancelation there.