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I could not find my gig for 3-5 days,

I could not find my gig for 3-5 days, search page was found on page 2-5 but I could not find it anymore. What should I do in such a situation? Seeking advice from experienced.

This thread is discussing this issue;

Please do not type your post in all BOLD it hurts my eyes to read it. :grimacing:

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@sohag98, same is happening to me for some of my gigs and for that reason impression, view and clicks are going down. Suppot must do something on this.

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There is no solution?

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@sohag98 , Perhaps the “solution” you seek is in the topic Vickie shared. You did visit and read the link, right? I bet there’s a lot of great information via that link. :wink:


what link? I don’t understand
Can you explain to me a little?

@vickiespencer shared a link in her post. You can clearly see that link in this topic. Click the link to read the other thread via that link.

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