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I could not found my gig


Few days ago i created a gig, when i search it but could not found. i check first page to last page but could not find anywhere . i am feel worried so much about it. please help me how can i get find this gig.


Same here . I contacted with the support team , and they mentioned me it will take few days , They also mentioned me for doing social marketing on that gig

Look this is the title of my gig " I will design landing page with fully responsive " but when i searched only with the “Landing page " keyword , then i was unable to find out the gig , but when i searched by " design landing page with fully responsive” then i saw my gig at 12 th page .

My gig was at the first page , but suddenly my gig lost that position :disappointed_relieved:

I am not getting order also


thanks… do u know how to solve this problem?


Use your real picture


share your gig on social market