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I could not to find delete button:( so i cleaned

sorry i will not do this one more time

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I’m really sorry, but offering academic work is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. I’d recommend that you take it down and make a new gig before you get banned.

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Great gig .
That’s the problem with many new seller, please read the Fiverr TOS when coming out with gig ideas

THIS GIG WILL GET YOU BAN or a warning letter

You are not allow to help others to do any academic work

Sorry i deleted the Gig

9 May 2021 Paz 08:02 tarihinde ze_blender3d via Fiverr Community Forum <> şunu yazdı:

Your profile still says you do homework. It is best to delete that before someone reports you! :wink:

Also, if you want to advertise your gig, the place to do it is under the category, “My Fiverr Gigs.”