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I could promote fiverr on job posting sites?

Hi everyone, I’m writing a guide explaining how to sign up for fiverr as a freelancer to start working.

I would like to promote this guide on job posting sites

could I do it or is it forbidden?

As long as it’s credible, you cite your sources in the guide, and you follow the ToS of the sites you want to share on, I see no issue with it.

They may believe that Fiverr is a job offer

Who is ‘they’? The job sites? That’s why you check with the ToS of those sites. If they don’t permit or have a place for articles, then don’t post. Simple as that.

Breaking a third-party ToS is a violation of Fiverr’s ToS.

I sure hope your guide also covers the Fiverr ToS, as agreeing to it is part of signing up.