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I could use some tips

I’ve implemented most of the tips I’ve received in the past and still struggling.

I recently got one order (working on it now), but not because Fiverr is showing my gig… they must’ve searched deep in Fiverr to find me lol

First off, my response rate is low and my response time is high. This was because I mistakenly didn’t click out of office when I wasn’t around for a few weeks. I wonder if there’s a way to fix this.

My gig, I “thought” was good. I tried to be detailed and write a good description. I even paid another Fiverr Seller to create a gig image for me.

I can’t do a video if I am talking in it (I’m a horrible actor and speaker), but I am good with PowerPoint, should I make a PowerPoint video?

Fiverr will not show any of my gigs enough to get any sales.

I also understand that you can’t pay for advertising of your gigs, such as Google AdWords. I seriously considered that until I found out I can’t.

I don’t have very many friends on my social networks, so sharing on social media doesn’t work.

I severely lowered my prices just to get some sales and reviews (the higher price didn’t work either).

What “secret” am I missing?

  1. Type WordPress into Fiverr search and you’ll find there are more than 83,000 results. It’s a very competitive gig area. I can’t imagine there are 83,000 people on Fiverr at the moment thinking “I must order my WordPress website”.

  2. Your price is unbelievably cheap. You are offering to design and create an entire website for $5. Sorry, but this brings you zero credibility. People offering a similar service to you are charging $50 / $100 / $200 - and importantly, getting orders.

  3. Your profile image and gig image appear to be of two different people. If they’re not, apologies, but they LOOK entirely different. Again, zero credibility.

  4. You don’t have to be an actor to make a video. You have to be real. People by from people. As for PowerPoint, would you want to watch a PowerPoint video? No? Me neither.

There is no secret to selling on Fiverr. You just need to be real, offer a service that people want to buy, and present a credible offer.

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Well, charging $50 (package 1), $100 (package 2), and $250 (package 3) didn’t work either. The image in the profile and in my gig image are both of me. The profile image I am wearing a fedora and in the gig image, I am wearing a business suit. And as for the video, if I make one, you’ll cringe watching it. You won’t be able to stand it and will turn it off with a headache. That’s how awful I am at recording myself. However, none if this matters. This stuff matters AFTER people see my gig. People won’t know what my $5 price entails until after they click on my gig (which they don’t do, because I’m not being shown in results). People won’t know that my gig image and profile image don’t look alike until after they open my gig. People won’t know if I have a video or not, because I’m not being shown in search results. So, all of this stuff is for a later discussion. I need to know how to get seen, which has nothing to do with the suggestions.

Okay, I’m out of here.

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Well, the sale I managed to get, the client loved the work so much and thought he didn’t pay me enough wanted me to send him a bill for an extra $75. This is good news. I just need to figure out how to get more.