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I couldnt accept the request of cancellation send by the buyer

One of my client need a cancellation and send a request to cancel the order. But i couldnt accept it. It keeps reloading and shows the same request. Is it because the seller contacted the service and they have hold the cancellation? and i also afraid that will i demoted due to the cancellation? Im about to reach level 2. I have completed about 80 orders and there is no cancellations yet. l I have a five star rating in total and im level one right me know , Thank you.

Hi, this just happened to me, don’t know what to do. May I know what happened in your case?

Don’t worry too much. The affect of cancellation lasts for couple of months after that it will marked as zero cancellation. Definitely you will lose your 100% Order completion. In my case its decreased by 2%. But i have made Level 2

I see, I am heading towards Level 2 and I just have 7 orders to reach that level, so if I accept the cancellation will it gonna affect getting new orders? Any idea? Thank you.