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I couldn't connect my facebook and google account to fiverr


I couldn’t connect my facebook and google account to fiverr. Fiverr display me this message "We couldn’t associate the Facebook account."

If there is any solution for this please help me to solve this.

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Hello you need to contact customer support for issue resolution. hope He/she resolve your issue as soon as possible.


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Hi there, I have the same problem only with the Facebook connect. Driving me crazy, i’ve tried everything. “”""“We couldn’t associate the Facebook account.”"""""

Thats all im getting. X(

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thankyou :wink:

I have also same issue

I also have this same issue

In start, I also face this issue. Here is how I got it solved,

Just try connect another Facebook account. You can connect your friend account or any account. It does not matter. Associating these external accounts Just built Trust.

bro! how you fix this problem please tell me .i am also facing this problem.i have created new account on fiverr tomorrow and no social account connected to me WHy?please Tell me

You will Try to another way :slight_smile:
go to facebook setting -> apps and websites then you will see a table which data table access. select the fiverr and delete. if you have connect before time another account the see this