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I Covid-19 report was positive... Please pray for me

hello guys
Hope you are well… But I’m not okay. Beacuse my corona test was positive. Now, I’m a little bit afraid. Also, now I was I quarantine. But I think that I Will recover it soon beacuse I’m young and strong… Also, I need your help guys. Can you gues please told me, How I will spend my 14 days lonely? But I will keep doing my Fiverr work… I suggest everyone Keep safe and please wear the mask and Please pray for that I can recover soon and come back…

I will inform soon


I’m sorry you’re lonely, and I do hope you recover swiftly. If you have no orders, maybe take this time in isolation to learn and practice? The internet is an excellent resource to have access to while you’re in quarantine.


Don’t wanna be that evil voice in your head but you can also binge watch netflix


My husband is 70 years old, has had a heart attack, has diabetes and asthma. He went to our doctor to get a test for Covid 19 because he felt like he was getting a cold but wanted to make sure it was not Corona. It turned out he did have COVID 19. His doctor told him he was one of the lucky ones.

I think you will be lucky too because you are :arrow_down:

And enjoy your down time.


Sorry to hear that. Hope you are recovered soon.


Praying for you hridoy!
I had it too and bring it home to my parents
I didnt just had to deal with illness but with a lot of guilt, but God is good and we recovered pretty well. (: I know you will too


Yes, @imagination you are right… Internet was great resource… :love_letter:

Thank you @michal247 i will do it :smiley:

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Yes @vickiespencer i think… And your most welcome :grinning:

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And yes your husband was lucky… And also you are lucky for him

Thank you @muntahaoishee … Hope i will come back soon

Yes, @sissycamou hope i will also recover soon

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Not too afraid.Keep your mind strong and make your hope bigger than now.

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Don’t worry… Follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine…
I Hope, you will recover very soon :heart:

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You could put all those @ in the same message, fyi. There’s really no reason to put six replies in individual messages. It just makes the thread look cluttered.


Wish you quick recovery! :pray: :pray: :pray: I had a corona and severe pneumonia last spring. After a long therapy, I spent almost 8 months recuperating. Despite the very poor health care system of my country, I survived. I think everything will be ok. You’re young and you don’t have pneumonia, the corona itself passes easily by young people. Stay active, exercise daily, and be positive! Don’t panic, panic kills.


Sorry for it… I’m new in the forum…

I hope you get well soon and be able to work on Fiverr again as before. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Get well soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yes, i will follow your instruction @basicolors