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I create a new gig but no impression

i create a new gig one week ago but there are still zero impression while i have a multiple gigs view and clicks.fiverr doesn’t give any impression also my gig is not view in search.please help me if anyone has same problem and he solved it…

Hello bro try to promote your gig on social media that can work :slight_smile:

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thanks for your advice i did it on daily base but impression i don’t no why stopped…:joy:

Share Your gig on Social Media and Best Of Luck :slight_smile:

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thanks!!! :roll_eyes:

Hi,u got the views and clicks from forums members.thats way notta single impressions u got.

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Please check gig tag, description and gig image.

If possible upload a video

and regularly share on different social media and remember must bid regularly on buyer request.

hope it will work


@ocean7media yeh may b it is one reason but i also marketing my gigs on social platform it also increase my view ans click but not impressions…by the ways thanks for you suggestion…

Have any tutorial that how to promote or marketing my gig?

do you mean i have to change my gig tag ,description on every month because i have a gig which impression reach to 15k last month but it start decreases in this month and now it reaches to 1.5k no orders even no message .

there are many ways to promote your gig or marketing your gig @saifurpro but one sample and best way is to share your gig or post your gig on your social networks.from there you will get organic clicks and view will helps in increasing your sales…

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@ranausama363 i am struggling by sharing my gigs on social platform and advise you to do same…this is also because of changing made by fiverr in there site.they change there level merit and weekly updation in there business.i don’t know what fiverr wants to do but it effects both sellers and buyers.:tired_face:

@rizwansb did you get any order by doing this…??

Same situation here… Some buddy help us

not yet…

Don’t worry Tayba Tabsum
In the begining it’s quit normal not to get any order. In my case i got the order after two months of publishing my first gig. Please follow few tips; i hope will get the order soon.

  1. Everyday submit 10 proposal from the Buyer Request Section.
  2. Share the best example of your project work / recent work / sample of your work.
  3. share your gig on social network site
  4. follow the consistancy i mean everyday at least twice logged in to your fiverr account.