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I create a new gig with video

I am a new seller on Fiverr and I create a new gig with video. But I have no work,
Please help me.

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Hi, I’m no professional at Fiverr, I only joined a month back but I have received 4 orders within that month, what I can say is that maybe improve your title, make it catchy, remove the word professional, since so many people put that, logo design is a very oversaturated market, find a niche which is very specific and your good at, and adjust your gig to that. I recommend improving the English and grammar in your description. For example, you’ve written are you want to make a professional logo, change that to do you want to. Use Grammarly which is free to install to help write your description. Look at rated sellers who are striving in your market and analyse what they have done different.
Make more gigs, so there is a higher chance of orders, in different categories though. For a new seller the maximum is 7, so use that.


You can also lower your prices to convince the buyer to choose you instead of people with better reviews and experience who are offering the same price.

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