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I created a gig but not getting order

i created a gig but not getting order,what i will do.i want quickly order.please help me .i am new here
please support me

There is no Hidden tricks.
Try to active as much as possible.

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Don’t be upset dude.
I hope you will get an order soon.

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thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Two of your gigs are the same: ‘I will do white background in any image’ x2.

Multiple gigs offering the same service isn’t allowed and could lead to an account warning.

All your gigs are based around basic Photoshop skills. The search term ‘background removal’ returns more than 32,500 results.

This is probably why you are getting no orders. You are trying to work in one of the most competitive fields in Fiverr. Are your gigs better than most of the other 32,500+ sellers also offering background removal?

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thanks for your spice comment